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One thing that is sure to dampen anyones day is accidentally stepping on someones chewed gum, or actually worse sitting on it!

Unfortunately, for me, this has been something I have had to endure more than once in my life. Usually as a result of sitting on a bus or train seat, but the cleanliness of public transport is a whole other story!

It is one of those moments in life where you just don’t quite know what to do. Your reflex kicks in and you immediately go to grab it off, but common sense usually (hopefully) overpowers and reminds you that this sticky substance is sticky because it has been in some strangers mouth.

If it is on the bottom of your foot a few rigorous wipes in the grass and maybe even using a stick to flick it off works. But what do you do if it is on your clothes?

Well here is a quick trick I stumbled across.

To easily remove gum from your clothing rub ice on it until it turns hard, then you can easily peel it off. We recommend using gloves if they are handy, but if not peel it with a piece of paper so that you don’t have to touch it.

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