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Who doesn’t love buying new shoes?! They can feel great in the shop, but often when you get them home, it’s a whole other story – they’re sometimes too tight and give you blisters!

Instead of taking them back or just living with the pain, there’s a very cheap and easy way to stretch your new shoes.

Simply grab out your hairdryer and a pair of super thick socks.


  1. Place on the thick socks and pry on the shoes.
  2. Aim a hot hairdryer at the tight areas whilst flexing and stretching as it blows.
  3. Keep the shoes on while they cool down, then go for a walk.
  4. If the shoes are still tight without the socks, keep going with the hairdryer!


Do you have any other ways to stretch your shoes?

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  1. Stuff damp paper in the shoes and then put them out in the sun to dry. Works well but leave until completely dry.

  2. used to put wheat, oats or barley in the shoe then add water. 100% guarantee to stretch

  3. If you want to stretch a pair of shoes that are a bit tight put a clean potato in the shoes and leave over night. Another idea is to use a hearth brush to rub your shoe (s) to stretch them. No need for a trip to the shoe shop but then again we have really lost the service that was once available from these stores

  4. Another one….fill a sealable bag with water and work it into your shoe. Put in the deep freeze for a day or two.

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    • Thats the one I have used successfully

  5. For elastic-sided Boots, put a large jam tin, or comparable sized tin inside boots, next to the elastic sides.
    Leave for about a week. This will stretch the elastic to a comfy fit, but not loose.

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