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Whether it be on your shower head, kitchen sink or an old bicycle, rust is an unfortunate fact of life. When I moved into my new house, which happens to be a rather old house, the rust on the pipe in the shower head was pretty out of control.

I tried normal house hold cleaners, soaking lemon and bicarb soda on there and many more cleaning ‘hacks’ with no avail. Until I tried this…

Aluminium foil, it is as simple as that to remove rust from chrome surfaces.

Just take a piece of aluminium foil, around 8-10cm should be sufficient, and soak it in warm water. Rub the rusted area with the foil until it clears, if the rust is bad this may take some time and elbow grease. You could also try washing the area down with vinegar prior to using the foil if it looks to be particularly stubborn. Then wipe the residue off and your area should be shiny as new.

Do you have any other tips for removing rust? Will you try this one?

Here is a quick example:

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