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Hardwood floors give any room an elegant look. However, they are also one of the harder surfaces to clean in your home. These household products will help you keep your beautiful flooring pristine:

  1. Damp cloth and iron: Dents on your hardwood floor are always a bit unsightly. An easy way to try and fix them is to wet the spot and place a dampened cloth over it. Iron over the cloth in a circular motion, and see how the spot changes!
  2. Wine corks: Hate seeing scuffs and scratches from furniture on your beautiful floor? Cut up a wine cork and glue it to the base of your furniture. It makes for easy moving, and no more scratches!
  3. Walnuts: Wouldn’t it be great if you had an eraser that could remove hardwood floor scratches? Well, nature has one – in the form of the humble walnut. Rub walnuts into the small scratches on your floor, and watch the change!
  4. White vinegar and canola oil: For scratches that can’t be obliterated with the walnut eraser, there’s a liquid mark remover without too many chemicals. Use a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and canola oil, and watch it work its magic!
  5. Tea bags: Brewed yourself a pot of tea, and noticed that your floors needed a clean as you were sitting down to enjoy it? Worry not, just finish the tea and dip a rag in the leftover liquid – your all-natural floor cleaner.

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