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An election candidate decides that he should do more to try and capture the seniors’ vote so his staff arrange for him to visit a retirement home and the media are alerted to this important event.

Surrounded by cameras and reporters the candidate approaches an old man and sits down beside him.

“Hello,” says the aspiring politician. “My name is Bob Smith. How are you?”

“I’m good,” says the old man who then indicated a large and full bowl of nuts on the adjacent table. “Would you like some peanuts?”

“Well, thank you,” says the candidate, taking a fistful and scoffing the lot showing every sign of pleasure.

“Please have more,” says the old man. “In fact, why don’t you finish the bowl? They are all mine.”

Again and again the candidate takes fistfuls until the bowl is almost empty.

“You have been very kind,” he says to the old man. “But, surely, you should have some.”

“Nope, I can’t. I haven’t got any teeth.”

The candidate looks confused. “Then why do you have this large bowl?”

“I like the chocolate around them.”

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