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One day, Mr. Phillard rushed his pregnant wife over to the hospital.

As the doctors were prepping his wife, Mr. Phillard’s idiot brother Bill arrived to watch the birth.

But when Mr. Phillard saw the blood and everything else, he fainted. When Mr. Phillard woke up he was in a bed with the doctor standing above him.

“Mr. Phillard,” the doctor said, “you are in the recovery room. Don’t worry, your wife is fine and she had twins, a boy and a girl. Because you were unconscious and your wife was still under anaesthesia, she requested that your brother Bill name the kids.”

“What! My brother, the idiot! I can’t believe you let him! What did he name them?”

“He named your daughter Denise.”

“Hey, not bad! I underestimated my brother. What did he name my son?”

“He named your son Denephew.”

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  1. SAS must think we have all lost our marbles and can’t remember from one week to the next. You had another version of this very old old joke on SAS recently and possibly a year or so ago as well. The original joke we have told for years was funny enough and didn’t need the addition of an idiot brother.

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    • Well! Did someone forget to take their nice pill this morning? It’s a JOKE, Mary, one which I for one had not heard (or read here) before. I thought it was funny. I laughed.

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