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At a Woman’s Institute tea party, an old lady sat in a corner, listening quietly as the younger women gossiped. The subject was a forthcoming wedding and the bride’s mother was holding the floor, giving a detailed description of her daughter’s trousseau. She went on and on, describing the sexy underwear and gorgeous nighties which had been purchased, at great expense, to be packed away for the honeymoon.

As the speaker paused to catch her breath, the old lady suddenly spoke up. “I don’t know what all the fuss is about,” she announced in a loud voice. “I’ve had three husbands and five lovers, and all I ever wore to bed was a black velvet ribbon around my neck.”

Which goes to show you can’t tell from appearances. Just because a person is old and wrinkled doesn’t mean they’ve led a dull life. Or that they’re unable to offer good advice!

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  1. Thats so priceless! Love and intimacy is not just exclusive for the young. As she said what’s all the fuss about.😍

  2. A close friend gave me a sexy baby-doll nightie just before my wedding. She said this is not for him. He doesn’t need it. This is to make you feel sexy. Guess what! That is so true. I still have the nightie and we look at it and laugh sometimes. When I lose 50% of my body weight – I’ll wear it again.

  3. A have a black nighty, hardly worn after nearly forty years

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    • I got married in March in UK and it was freezing cold and no central heating. I wore a long flannel nightdress and bed socks!! No, I don’t still have them. Been married 51 years now and we still laugh about our honeymoon… night in an old hotel en route to RAF Lyneham.

  4. I have a jade green negligee hanging in my cupboard Lol not in case I find a man, that won’t happen but in case I go to hospital

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