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As the lady dentist prepared a needle for a man with a toothache, he said, “No, I can’t have a needle! I suffer trypanophobia. If you come near me with that, I’ll faint!”

She then started to prepare for nitrous oxide but he told her he had an unusual form of asthma and the gas could kill him.

The lady dentist thought for a few moments and then asked, “Are you able to take a tablet?”

“Yes, they’re fine,” came the reply. “I don’t react to oral medicines”.

The dentist left the room for a few minutes. When she returned, she offered her patient a Viagra tablet. He said, “Oh boy, I didn’t know Viagra was a painkiller!”

“It’s not,” she said, “but it’ll give you something to hold onto while I pull the tooth!”


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  1. Ha actually went to the dentist today don’t usually have needles but had to today boy was not impressed took 6 hours for needles to wear off not happy Jan

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