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The insurance agency I work for draws business from a retirement community. Once, when applying for car insurance for a client, I asked him how many kilometres he drives in a year. He said he didn’t know.

“Well, do you drive 10,000 kilometres a year?” I asked, “or 5,000?”

He said the numbers sounded high. “What month is this?” he asked. I told him it was July.

“Maybe this will help,” he said. “I filled the car with petrol in February”.

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  1. sounds like me – last year I drove about 1300 km in my car – thinking about selling it and making some money renting out my carspace – there are plenty of share cars parked in nearby streets I could rent for $10 an hour

  2. Sounds like me. Except for three weeks each year when I do a 5000klm round trip, the rest of the year I only fill up about once every six weeks. LOL

  3. Sounds like me purchased a new car in Feb 2014 and now Feb 2015 and have just reached a total of two thousand ks….Just had my first service. Filled the car about four times in the year. Should get rid of it and catch cabs would be cheaper than paying, fuel, rego, insurance, having it serviced and not to mention the loss of a brand new car once driven out of the showroom.

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