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There are 196 countries throughout the world and each one of them has a capital city. This week’s puzzle from The Brain Food Factory will test your geographical knowledge by asking you to couple 30 capital cities with their corresponding country.  Could it be MoscowRussia or AucklandNewZealand?  Who knows! There’s so many to choose from!

Remember, puzzles are a great way for your brain cells to keep active and sharp, helping to ward off dementia and other diseases that attack the brain.

You might also learn a thing or two from this puzzle…like who knew that the capital of Equatorial Guinea was Malabo?

…but that’s not one of the answers!

Click on the download button after the puzzle, print it out and have a go the old fashion analogue way (with pen and paper) while sipping on a steaming cup of coffee or perhaps a G’n’T!

Have fun and remember to share it with your friends.



Click here to download puzzle


The Brain Food Factory has been creating quizzes, crosswords, and other puzzles for over 15 years. Their aim is to bring brain-exercise to the masses in a fun, challenging, and interesting way. Creator, Ric Allport, is a university graduate and former high school teacher who is passionate about the importance of maintaining the best possible brain health. The Brain Food Factory is officially endorsed by Brain Foundation Australia and the Stroke Recovery Association of NSW. They recognise the activities provided by the Brain Food Factory as a valuable tool in keeping minds healthy and active.

  1. Well that’s it. I’ve done it. 30 Capitals and Countries.
    I estimate it took 4 to 5 hours last night.
    I ended up going to bed with one more combination to find.
    Took half an hour this morning to get that last one.
    Anyone else???

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