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Somehow, we doubt this story’s authenticity. But it’s a great laugh all the same!

The following image was recently shared to Reddit, where it has since gotten millions of views.

The following six-year-old’s request for a loan of $20 has been rejected by his father, who explained the situation with the following letter from DAD Savings & Loan.

Image source: Sonan303 on Imgur
Image source: Sonan303 on Imgur

We love the cheeky little details in this – especially providing the mother’s number for the complaints department.

But it was one particular reader response that really resonated with us at Starts at 60:
 “This kid is going to call Grandma Inc”.

Something tell us that financial institution will be a lot more generous.

Do you treat your grandkids to bonus pocket money? Would you be a little more trusting than this father?

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  1. When our daughter was about 9 we were walking around the local markets and she stopped me. She then proceeded to press various parts of my torso before putting her handout and requesting $20 from her walking ATM

  2. Had a nine year old who filled out an application for an American Express card. Got really cranky when the bit that said you had to be 18 appeared!

  3. Gramma , That’s Only 20 dollars. I could buy that, but I’ve left my wallet at home … It was true , don’t think I had much chance of retrieving My 20 dollars ….7 year olds just have vivid imaginations.!!!!!!

  4. that’s how one of my kids learned to use opnly money he had saved up… he got his pocket money in advance to buy some special toys – and then he had to ask again because he didn’t get pocket money -he’d already used it – and so he realized he’d be accumulating debts and never have money…he’s become very good with money after that…

  5. My Dad was a bank manager and ALWAYS charged me really high interest if I wanted to borrow money. I learnt fairly quickly to live within my means.

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