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A third grade teacher asked her students, one by one, to stand in front of the class and talk about what their daddys do.

Little Mary went first, “My daddy is a doctor and he saves lives.”

“That’s wonderful Mary. Now how about you Jane, what does your daddy do?”

“My daddy is a lawyer and he puts bad people in jail,” says Jane.

“Very good Jane. Ok Johnny, what does your daddy do?”

“My daddy is dead,” says Johnny.

“Oh, I’m very sorry to hear that Johnny,” said the teacher, “what did he do before he died?”

“He turned blue and shit on the carpet.”

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  1. The little ‘johnny’ jokes from years gone bye are classics.. if told again would bring tears of laughter..however we now live in a different age where that kind of real humour is no longer accepted..but was passed around in the trenches of war and inprint by those who gave all… foe what really..sad !!!

  2. Just another example of why this site needs to wash its mouth out. I’d also be grateful if it could desist from the “pissed off” posts.

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