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This song, by an iconic British rock band, didn’t get to go straight to number one on the charts because their previous single was still holding on!

It did however, get there on the 18th of January 1964 and remained there for seven weeks.

It became the bands best selling single of all time, which was quite a feat considering they had a myriad of worldwide chart toppers.

This was their first song to reach number one of the American charts and this began the great “British Invasion” in music.

Do you know which Beatles hit this is?

Listen to “I Want to Hold Your Hand” below:

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  1. How amazing! My mother flew from Central Western NSW into mascot the same say the Beatles landed in Sydney. Was all the same runway and terminal in those days. Virtually just a tin shed with a verandah. She got a real good, close look at them, was pelting rain. She was amazed at their pure white complexions and how young they were. She was a fan till the day she died after that. I often found her doing the twist in the kitchen, listening on to them on the record player. 45’s in those days, couldn’t afford LP’s

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