Flashback: Australia wins the America’s Cup 15



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On this day 30 years ago our Australian team sailed home to victory, winning the America’s Cup and defeating the longest winning streak in history, the 132 year title held by the New York Yacht Club.

The Australian syndicate representing the Royal Perth Yacht Club fielded the Australia II and was skippered by John Bertrand.

The boat, the Australia II was designed by Ben Lexcen with the revolutionary  (and controversial) “winged keel”.

This victory went far beyond just sailing and was a symbol of when Australia came of age, and really made our mark on the international stage.

Check out this excellent clip featuring a young Kerry O’Brien reporting on the night of the America’s Cup celebrations.

What did you do to celebrate the America’s Cup Victory?


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  1. I remember how exciting and unbelievable that time in history was. I stayed up to watch the race, while my two boys were sound asleep in bed. I remember the next morning, grooming myself impeccably for work, lest anyone should guess I had been up half the night watching a boat race. When I walked into the kitchen, where the boys were finishing their breakfast. They took one look at me and declared that I looker as though I hadn`t slept for a week. I always dropped the children off at school on my way to work.
    What stayed with me was the great excitement of watching that historical race. the boys were ecstatic when I allowed them to put the television on and watch it. The general rule in our house was NO television before school. They also became as excited as I was. They tried to convince me that the Prime Minister said they should stay home from school that day as He had declared a national holiday. I explained that not only was it not a public holiday, but misunderstandings happened when one watched television before school. the excitement stayed with me all day.

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