Brit-pop band’s best selling single ever hits number one today in 1964 8



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This song, by an iconic British rock band, didn’t get to go straight to number one on the charts because their previous single was still holding on!

It did eventually get there today in 1964 and remained at the top of the pops for seven weeks.

It became the band’s best selling single of all time, which was quite a feat considering they had a myriad of worldwide chart toppers.

This was also their first song to reach number one on the American charts and begin the great “British Invasion” in music.

Do you know which Beatles hit this is?


Listen to “I Want to Hold Your Hand” below:

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  1. I Want To Hold Your Hand. I still get a buz every time it plays, I love that song, I can slip my mind back to then, 1964.

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    • days when innocence was holding hands young teenagers with a 7up or a pepsi just enjoying the music now days it vodka and holding hands is just plain old fashioned .

  2. Not sure where you’re getting your information from – but, in Hobart at least, I Want To Hold Your Hand entered the local charts in December 1963, reaching No 1 soon after.
    Even the German language version Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand was released in July 1964 and was off the charts well before 1965!

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    • Just re-read your article – which is correct after all. Apologies…..

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