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A husband and wife are out shopping. Typical male, he’s getting restless. He mumbles some excuse and wanders off, saying, “I’ll catch you up shortly.”
The wife finishes in one shop and, before heading on to the next, thinks she’d better find out where her husband is. At the least, she can let him know her movements. Calling his mobile, she asks, “Where are you?”
He replies, “You remember the jewellers’ shop we visited ten years ago, the place where you fell in love with a beautiful diamond necklace? You know, the one I said I couldn’t afford but would get for you one day?”
Tears spring to her eyes and run down her cheeks. All choked up and barely able to reply, she says, “Oh darling, yes, of course I remember the shop.”
“Good,” he responds, “I’m in the pub next door.”

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  1. Reminds me of a true story I heard of an old 90 year bloke who could not find his wife in shopping centre. He approached a Security Guard explained his dilemma and guard said ” Is that a problem “? Told him to sit where he was and she would find him…she did.

  2. My husband looks at the shops he is interested in and I do likewise then we locate each other on our mobiles to meet up again afterwards

  3. Sensible answer, she knew where the jewellers was but not the pub, ten out of ten for directions. Lol.

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