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Until as recently as last week, Whoopi Goldberg has been perhaps the only person willing to defend Bill Cosby.

However, the actor turned talk-show host, has changed her tune dramatically, telling her friend and colleague to speak up about the allegations against him or retreat from the public domain.

The change of heart came as Ms Goldberg interviewed a legal expert on her show The View who explained to her the reason Cosby has not been arrested and put to trial.

For many months, Ms Goldberg has maintained her friend is innocent until proven guilty “because that is the law”.

However, as legal analyst Dan Abrams explained, despite there being 50 women who claim Cosby drugged and assaulted them, he cannot be brought to trial because the statute of limitations on the crimes has passed.

A statute of limitation is a law that prevents prosecutors from charging someone with a crime that was committed more than a specified number of years ago. The purpose is to make sure convictions only occur when based on evidence that has not deteriorated with time.

Rape is a state crime in the US and, in the vast majority of the cases, the time limit in which Cosby could have be charged has passed.

Ms Goldberg said, “What you’re saying, is that all that’s left for these women is the court of public opinion?”

Mr Abrams replied, “As a practical matter, the remedy against Bill Cosby is the court of public opinion. The only avenues against him are putting pressure on him, pulling his shows off TV, ridicule, that sort of thing.”

While Ms Goldberg didn’t agree with removing Cosby’s shows because it would hurt other actors, she admitted to changing her stance on the situation.

“If this is to be tried in the court of public opinion, all the information that is out there kind of points to guilt,” she said, to applause form the audience.

“It looks bad, Bill. Either speak up or shut up.”

Ms Goldberg has previously been forced to defend her position, saying on the show she had received hate mail and text message. The US network on which her show is aired, ABC, had received many complaints over Ms Goldberg’s statements repeatedly defending Cosby.

As recently as last week, she reiterated that he had never been charged with rape.

The Daily Mail is today reporting Ms Goldberg may have been pressured by the network to do an about-face but, in the face of the evidence, it’s just as likely the Sister Act star has simply admitted to herself that someone she has great respect for was not the hero she imagined.

Are you pleased to hear about Whoopi’s change of tune on this issue? Do you think it would have been hard for her to admit the truth about her long-term friend? 

Have you ever had to face a nasty truth about someone you loved?

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  1. Well it is strange that everyone left it till after the time elapsed for him to go to trial that would have been a better thing.

    1 REPLY
    • It would have been the FAIR thing. the just thing.

  2. why do these take so long to come forward, when there is no evidence left to be found to either prove or disprove it..I can only speak for myself, if someone raped me I would at the Police Station that day, not 20 or 30 years later

    5 REPLY
    • It happens a lot in Australia. Many are children who don’t come forward because they have been told if they say something, then mummy or daddy will get hurt. In this instance, they don’t report it until they are older.

    • Nobody knows how they would react (or when) until it actually happens to them! We don’t know what was said to them, what threats were made or how people will respond to our telling them. Don’t judge others if you haven’t had it happen to you!

    • It is a hard case ! You ARE supposed to be innocent until proven guilty! However, people are very quick to judge .
      It could very well be true it could also very well be trash . Without evidence how do you know?

    • Rozzy, I read several of those depositions & the reason was Cosby’s power.
      Because he was black during an era of strong racial change, be was very popular & many of the girls were breaking into business, modeling, Sports presenting & movies etc, & the last thing that would have worked for them was a white girl charging a black movie star.
      Just finding an affordable Lawyer that was ready to take on the might of the Martin Luther King movement was simply not there.
      Additional victims would have realized they weren’t the first & would have done what the others did for similar reasons.

  3. He has ADMITTED to this in a sworn deposition! There are some crimes that are definitely a deal breaker to friendship and family relations, rape and peadophiles being right up there. If it’s proves, how can you condone it?

  4. I am not an expert on rape by any means, I never know anyone who has raped someone else, be it male or female but with so many women coming forward all these years later do you think some could motivated by money? As in a civil suit down the line ? 50 women seem to me to be almost an army and none reported it at the time? I am not defending this by any means but it just seems odd to me

  5. Whoopi obviously had great belief in him and is, no doubt, devastated. I’m afraid I have to disagree with those who think that women who didn’t make accusations for many years after these events must not be truthful. In many instances (a few I have known personally), when the perpetrator is a respected and/or authority figure, the women think they are totally alone, must have imagined it and won’t be believed. Worse still, many believe they did something to cause it. It takes many years and added maturity to put it into perspective and so often, when one comes forward, others follow with their own similar stories.

  6. Bill’s rambling weird denials, if that’s what they were supposed to be, led me to think there is more wrong with him than a sexual problem.

  7. She would be devastated she has always admired him as has Oprah but there are too many stories to ignore as it was with Rolf Harris

  8. No-one knows what they would do unless put in that situation. I know someone whose grandfather made advances towards her (!!) but she never told anyone until years later because she thought no-one would believe her. She is now having counselling years later. So, please don’t be judgmental when you haven’t gone through such things yourselves.

  9. It would not be easy to make an allegation against such a famous person especially 30 years ago don’t think you would know what you would do honestly.

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