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He’s happy to smile and wave for the cameras, but Prince William is not typically one to speak out on world matters. But there is one issue that is so important to the future king that he is willing to face millions in an unprecedented appearance.

Associated Press reports that the Duke of Cambridge will make a rare speech on Chinese television station, CCTV1 to discuss the need to curb illegal wildlife trade. CCTV is the most popular TV station in China and has an audience in the hundreds of millions.

Just like his father before him, William has been an advocate of protecting endangered species and has made the issue one of his priorities. He is president of United for Wildlife, a union of seven conservation groups working in the field to combat poaching, which is backed by the Royal Foundation, the charitable trust the prince runs with Kate and Prince Harry.

A statement from the palace says William is “grateful to have this opportunity to explain how people around the world must work together” to preserve wildlife.

The TV appearance follows on from his discussion with Chinese officials during his official visit to Beijing earlier this year. In 2014, Prince William made the biggest and most important speech of his career to 400 world leaders and conservationists. The Duke of Cambridge called for a global alliance to introduce a coordinated international effort to wipe out trafficking of ivory, rhino horn, and other animal products.

He also warned that illegal wildlife trafficking was a huge international crime racket helping to fund terrorism.

Prince William set out five strategies to rid the world of the illegal trade, including educating people in Asian countries about the impact of animal products’ use in traditional medicine.

Does it give you hope knowing that Prince William is fighting for endangered species of the world? Do you think his appearance on Chinese television will make a difference? 


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  1. Maybe the Royal Family could donate to the refugee crisis by letting the Government use the vacant rooms at all the palaces under their control.

    9 REPLY
    • Snigger…like that’s going to happen lol! Anytime any of them visit the poor & under privileged they have to go on an over-seas holiday to get over it lol!

      1 REPLY
    • good to see people are waking up to these unelected freeloaders …England is way ahead of us …this morning one of their daily newspaper…had to discard a Twitter account ..set up to congratulate Betty on her 63 years of doing nothing …the comments made Republican hearts proud …..

    • no chance of that David an Heather….but here’s something you won’t see on Starts at Sixty..or the BBC sites ..

    • yes it is …last March there was a huge protest rally in London …asking for the monarchy to be abolished..of course our biased media an pages like this one made no mention of it ..
      no one voted the royals in ..so they can’t be voted out .makes a mockery of Democratic rights ..

  2. I do hope it does have an impact in China,and of course it will be screened world wide. I commend him for his passionate involvement in saving wild life and I hope his wish for a Global initiative is heard.

  3. Agree Jane! If U can’t say something positive….say nothing! Luv William & Kate, he’s just gorgeous like Diana! Great job! Your Mum would B so proud…..

    1 REPLY
    • so we don’t tell it how it is, is that what you’re saying?
      If people can’t handle the negative as well as the positive, don’t read any comments, go on living in your bubble and be like the three monkeys, and one day you will WAKE UP, well maybe you will, and wonder what on earth happened to the world around you.
      Call a spade a spade, and perhaps we can change life for the better.

      1 REPLY
      • Marie, how do you think your life would be changed for the better? The royal family bring in a lot more tourist revenue than they cost. Here is an article on the subject: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2013/07/is-the-british-royal-family-worth-the-money/278052/ Even if they are just a tourist attraction, they still do a lot of good for their country and also bring a lot of notice to good causes and charities, which would not get as much publicity otherwise. I don’t think they do any harm. If I had my druthers, I would choose the Windsors over the Kardashians in the headlines, any day.

  4. He’s doing a great job and good on him. Hope he can also help put an end to the gloating American trophy hunters, and the canned hunting industry that caters for them by charging 50 grand up for arrogant and ignorant Americans to hunt tamed animals in Africa.

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