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Concerns have been raised over the condition of music guru Molly Meldrum, who is in hospital in Bangkok following an accident.

News Limited reports that the 73-year-old’s brother has rushed to his side an plans to bring him home.

Molly slipped while getting out of a taxi last month, falling heavily onto a kerb and has been in hospital having had spinal surgery.

This morning, entertainment reporter Peter Ford told Melbourne radio 3AW that Molly was in worse shape than expected that his condition was “a lot more serious” than he had been letting on. According to the Daily Mail, Molly came incredibly close to being paralysed by the accident.

A reporter from Channel 7, Nick McCallum said from Thailand, “They did an MRI on his back and it turns out that the incident dislodged a vertebra and went awfully close to really damaging his spine. The doctor we spoke to said he was very, very lucky this incident didn’t leave him paralysed.”

Upsettingly, Mr McCallum also reported that Molly was finding it “very, very stressful” being back in hospital, wrestling with “deep mental scars” from the previous accident in which he fell from a ladder and spent five weeks in a coma.

Mr MacCallum said, ‘He had real problems going back to hospital and he actually admitted to us that he finds it very, very stressful.’

Molly’s former personal assistant and friend Yael Cohn did not confirm or deny the reports.

He told AAP, “I know that he’s safe and well and that’s the most important thing at the moment.

“I’m confident at least he’s been well looked after. That’s the most important thing to me as a person who cares for him, as a friend, that he’s in the best possible care and I’ve been assured of that.”

Poor Molly! Join us in sending him the very best wishes and a speedy recovery. We sincerely hope his brother can bring him comfort – and bring him home.

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