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Sadly, the show that caught the world’s attention for giving us to escape back to yesteryear, has been confirmed to be ending at the end of the sixth season.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Carnival Films and ITV announced there would be no return after season six and they’d be ending the show on a high.

NBC Universal who own the production company behind the show, said in an internal note to staff that the show was approaching its “natural conclusion”.

The Daily Mail report to having seen the original letter that also said, “Whilst we are all sad to see Julian Fellowes and Gareth Neame’s unique drama approaching its natural conclusion, the difficult decision has been taken to wrap up production while the show is still at its peak – in popularity, as well as in the quality of the storylines and the series overall.

Rather than allow any further media speculation about the show’s future, we want to use today’s announcement to build anticipation for the momentous final season”.

So when you’re enjoying watching Downton Abbey this season, spare a thought for the next – as it will be the last and final!

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  1. I was wondering how much longer it could go on. The whole fabric of society changed after WWII – the upstairs downstairs thing wouldn’t be the same, which is what makes the show.

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