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It’s no secret that TV producers will do just about anything to secure ratings, but this stunt was downright dangerous.

In the latest series of the SBS TV show Go Back to Where You Came From three of the six participants were taken to Syria, the scene of some of the most vicious and brutal fighting the world has seen in years.

One of the participants, known only as Nicole, has revealed they cast and crew were forced to run for cover when a gunfire fight broke out not far from them.

In the video, you can hear the crew saying “we don’t want them to know we’re here”. The consequences of armed Isis militants capturing Australians on their turf would be horrific. The group has no qualms executing people for media attention.

During filming of the show, Nicole, a detention centre whistle blower, Kim, a Stop the Boats Facebook campaigner, and Andrew, a tough talking school teacher, witnessed why asylum seekers would want to escape from countries like Syria.

‘We had to move because they were shooting at us,’ Nicole told News Limited.

The controversial TV show last aired in 2012. It aims to provoke debate about the situations of boat people coming to Australia, and chooses people with diametrically opposed views on the issue into some of the places asylum seekers come from.

Nicole said, “It wasn’t until days later I actually realised, there are people being killed here and we were there actively engaging in war, with ISIS, we could have been killed.”

According to SBS, the trio were being guided by Kurdish militants who were guarding a Syrian village from ISIS insurgents.

Go Back To Where You Came From, airs on July 28.

Do you think it’s appropriate to put people at this great a risk in order to make a point? 


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  1. I think just as silly as a tv show going into Syria are the participants who went there. I would have demanded that I be flow out..some people will do anything for 5 minutes of fame

  2. I refuse to watch any show that claims ‘Reality’ in its bio. There is now such thing as reality in any of them, they are all manupulated for ratings and incredibly uninteresting.

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    • It never came across as pointless like so many reality shows do. Many schools actually showed this show to their students to give them a more realistic idea of why refugees are created and why they flee. Particularly those schools I expect with large multi racial intakes.

    • There are better ways to get the message across other than needlessly putting peoples lives at risk and then creating an international incident if they get killed or captured. This kind of show is totally irresponsible and does little to improve the refugee plight.

  3. Well the last round of this show shocked some of the participants into changing their stance on refugees, which is a good outcome.

  4. I watched the last shows in the series and thought it fantastic. It really makes it clear why the world refugee problem is so huge. At the time I thought it would be wonderful if all Australians watched it, so they got a better understanding of why people flee, and why they take the steps they do. If this show is as good as the previous ones I would recommend it. This group of participants would have had the advantage over the previous group as they could find out what happened with the previous group.

  5. These idiots, who are responsible for their own actions, would scream for Australian government help if they were captured, or wounded. They’d be better off as food for a great white shark or a crocodile.

  6. Don’t think it is helping the cause any but if it changes even a few people’s veiws on refugees good. Personally I don’t have TV.

  7. Reality my ass… called refugees stories are cherry picked…..they throw out all the economic refugees stories which make up the vast majority I would bet.

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    • If you really believe that watch the show. Sure there are a few who come to Australia to get a better way of life, but most of those are not the boat people but people who enter the country legally as tourists or students and don’t leave when their time is up. The stories of the boat people and refugees trapped in camps showed how so many comments made by people about the refugees are based on ignorance. The participants in the earlier shows retraced the journeys made by the boat people to show what they’ve faced, the boat trip, refugee camps and all the way back to the country they fled.

    • blah blah blah….they by pass several safe countries on their way but keep coming all the way to Australia…..then mysteriously lose all their ID papers ..why?….WELFARE……statistics show that 80% of illegal boat arrivals are still on full welfare 5 years after being granted permanent residency….& don’t get me started on how many of these people show us & our laws absolutely no respect & end up breaking our laws while claiming cultural differences….& this is all while legitimate refugees who are in camps keep getting pushed to the back of the que…..anyone who thinks this is fair is an absolute moron.

  8. Don’t need to know what risks, most Illegals are young healthy Males which really worries me,

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