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Evergreen singer Tom Jones has opened up about his marriage of almost 60 years – saying it is still rock solid despite his past indiscretions and the fact his wife Linda has “lost her spark”.

Speaking on the eve of the publication of a new autobiography, Sir Tom, who has reportedly had numerous affairs over the years, said his wife Linda had let herself go, but their marriage was still “rock solid”.

“She’s the most important thing in my life,” Sir Tom said. “An unbelievable woman. Linda is the love of my life and she still is, even though she doesn’t look like she did. I don’t look like I did, either, but I try my best.”

The 75-year-old singer talked openly about his marriage in an interview with The Sunday Times magazine.

He admitted that while he loved the spotlight, Linda, who is also 75, preferred being at home and had become increasingly reclusive in recent years. She has suffered from depression since she was young and also has emphysema and twice has had brushes with cancer.

“I don’t think she really enjoyed getting out and about, and I think she was happy with being in the house,” he said.

Sir Tom  said while he still takes pride in his appearance and buys expensive clothing, Linda has aged from the beauty she once was.

But the couple, who married when they were 16, rediscover their old magic and chemistry when they phone each other.

Of his many infidelities during their marriage, Sir Tom said Linda had let fly only once, when she discovered he had had an affair with a former Miss World in 1976.

“‘I stood there and took it,” he said. “She chinned me.”

He added his wife was the most important thing. “The rest is just fun and games.”

They have known each other since they were 12 and were married at 16.

How long have you been married?  Do you think your marriage would have survived the trials and tribulations Tom and Linda Jones’ marriage has?

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  1. No not me! No playing up.

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    • I was married in 1963. I was 20 and my husband was 25. Not as young as Tom Jones was, but we have been together for 52 years and neither of us has had any affair on the side! I didn’t let myself go and still get my hair tinted and have stayed slim, but this morning at an ultrasound sonography, the sonographist (a man) said I had the best legs at 72 he had seen! Made my day and I am thinking of buying some shorts.

  2. I think he sounds horrible the poor woman has suffered from depression, probably through living with him and his huge ego or it could be from the emphysema and the brushes with cancer she has had.

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  3. Yes. He seems to think his indiscretions are okay as he took it on the chin!! He wouldn’t last one indiscretion with me. No wonder the poor woman has depression!!

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    • No way would I put up with him, what an idiot. I can’t imagine being married to such an egotistical person. She should have got rid of him years ago.

    • yup my thoughts exactly; if he is saying that crap about her in public, imagine what little gems he hits her with every time she gets her head above water; never did like him much, gratified to know I was right about him, what a jerk

    • Maybe she was very very very insecure, you would have to be extremely weak to put up with that.

    • Lee Horrocks He has had nearly 60 years to wear her down and strip her of her self respect and self esteem. Very doable.

    • Mental abuse takes away your ability to beleive in you and also makes you beleive that its your fault that this man you married has changed so much and you have to fix it, then he will be the man you martied again. Sadly its not till you have been on your own away from him for quite a time before you see what it is and you start to beleive in you again ,.. only then can you get you back
      No Lee Horrocks you arenot extremely weak, mental abuse creeps up on you, you slowly believe what your being told over n over n ovef and always blame yourself.
      I have had both mental n physical and beleive mental abuse is far worse and affects you for years into the future, if you have never walked in someones shoes you should be a little bit more careful in how you judge them and hope you never do walk in tgeir shoes

  4. Brutal but honest? I suspect if the fire goes out, maybe it isn’t getting enough wood: it takes persistence & skill to keep the flame burning. Some people are only good for once over lightly.

  5. With what she’s had to put up with over the years is it any wonder she’s lost her spark! And he’s not even ashamed of what he’s done.

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    • Yes what a thing to say, she has lost her spark, no wonder the poor woman suffered depression.

  6. Why would she STAY? 1 discretion is one to many AND look at him would you???????

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    • half of his worldly goods wouldn’t been anywhere near as much back then; she could make a killing now, just saying

  7. This is Tom Jones wife, I think she looks lovely for her age

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