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There have been dozens of funny parodies of Adele’s hit song ‘Hello’ ever since she released the song last year, but this one has to take home first prize as the funniest yet.

The video was created by a group of young Mormons in America, who use the song as a chance to poke fun at the stereotypes surrounding their religion.

Korey Smith and Marcus Joseph wrote and produced the wildly popular video starring vocalists Parker Cressman and Conner Hein.

In the video Parker and Conner are seen door-knocking around their neighbourhood only to face rejection after rejection.

The boys take part in some good old-fashioned door knocking.
The boys take part in some good old-fashioned door knocking.

“Hello from the outside,” they sing as they stand on a woman’s doorstep.

“We were wondering if after dinner you would like to meet to go over our beliefs. They say the gospel’s supposed to heal you, and it’s done much healing,” they sing as the woman slams the door in their faces.

At the next house they take a realistic approach.

“It’s no secret that three hours in church is a heck of a long time!,” they sing.

Singing, harmonising and bike riding - so much talent!
Singing, harmonising and bike riding – so much talent!

When desperate times call for desperate measures the young men even offer to mow the lawn at one of the houses and are seen getting down to work as they belt out the tune.

Not only are the boys extremely funny, they also happen to have amazing voices!

They harmonise throughout the song and have no trouble hitting the high notes.

Take a look at the video below and tell us if it gives you a laugh!

Did this video give you a laugh?

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  1. That was just lovely! Keeping up with modern times, and good singing! Almost makes me wants to invite them in – No, I am joking, but yes, it was just lovely.

    2 REPLY
    • I agree, brought a tear to the eye, just beautiful

    • I wonder why the houses of everyone but the Hindu person are nice and tidy while the Hindu yard is messy and full of junk. Not funny. Racist. How anyone can find this funny, is beyond me.

  2. That was amazing. NOT that I believe in your religion but definitely keep up the singing

  3. good voice nice idea sad that they need to knock on the every door can’t join them in their beliefs

  4. Wow amazing singing! Divine. The guy on the right has a beautiful smile. Not into the religion though.

  5. As crappy as all religions are. I just punch them.

  6. Refreshing take on Adele. Wonder it she has heard the song? For young men and women to volunteer to serve a mission for upto 2 years, teaching about God and Jesus and a positive way to live rather than those of similar ages drinking,, smoking and often casual sex too. I know which I would prefer my kids to be doing! Just do it!

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