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Ah, the 60s and 70s – what a time to be alive. And what a time to experiment! We’re not talking about that sort of experimentation, no, we’re talking about hairstyles.

If you’re a man or you had a partner in the 60s and 70s, you’ll remember how funny some of the cuts were. There was no ‘short back and sides’ but instead there were big fringes, moustaches, mullets and sideburns.

Here is a hilarious video montage of the more odd male hairstyles from the disco and rock eras….which did you or your partner have?


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  1. What do you mean back then. Mem are still wearing them today. I could never grow long hair and now aftere about 8 skin grafts on my head will never be able to.

  2. Still love a man with a good head of hair, but those are awful, wore mine like Lynn Randall, spent half my time with the sides sticky taped down before going out, & thought I looked great

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    • YES, come on where are the girls?!!! There were “Dusty”‘s all over the place. That one would last 3 days with lacquer, my mum would not allow longer, then it was brush brush brush, wash with Bandbox Shampoo then start all over. Happy happy days.

  3. Was a hairdresser in the 70’s did most of these cuts,ladies styles were very similar. Great post for a laugh.

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