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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince Harry, have sent a special Australia Day message complete with flashbacks to their recent royal tour.

“Happy Australia Day”, they wrote on an Instagram post just days ago. Their words were accompanied by photos of William and Catherine meeting a koala whilst Harry greeted Aussie crowds.

This message is a special nod to Australia, with whom each young royal has claimed to have a special affinity. Isn’t this sweet?

How did you celebrate Australia Day? Are you pleased that even the British royals acknowledge our important national celebration?

Happy Australia Day! #AustraliaDay Photos © Press Association

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  1. Nice of them…..I did quite an Auzzie man thing…..horizontal all day…..had a croc pot tea

  2. Yes it is fabulous that the Royals acknowledge our National Day. I am against a Republic, and certainly won’t be voting for this, as this will cost a huge some of money and we do not have anyone who could be named for the State Head. We do not have the money for changing the flag or Republic. The Government are there for the people who vote for them but they forget that and do not do what the people want. We would save a fortune if the MP’s did not get such huge pensions on retirement.

  3. Oh thank God. I’ve spent the last three days thinking how ignorant of them not to send us an Australia Day message. After all the free holidays we generous Australians have shouted them surely it was the least they could do. After all God knows we had little else to spend our money on. Come to think of it they spend so much time here they could qualify to be Australian.

  4. Britain is trying so hard to hang on to Australia every time talk of a Republic comes up they send the Royals here which we pay for. I do not think the time is right for a Republic now. Hellishly expensive all the changing of the flag, voting and finding an appropriate person such as president or Prime Minister after we become a Republic.

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