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Christmas is the perfect time of year to head to the movies. Whether you are taking your grandchildren or you are going with a friend, there are always a great selection of movies to choose from this time of year.

Every child loves a trip to the cinemas with Grandma or Grandpa, so why not?

Below are the must see movies this December for both the family and the adults.


Movies for the kids:

1. Paddington

Rated: G

Genre: Comedy | Family

IMBD Rating: 7.10/10

A tale we all know based on the series of a popular children’s book by Michael Bond. The story of Paddington is about a young English boy who befriends a talking bear in a London train station. Starring Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins and Julie Walters in this hilarious tale; this film is a great laugh for all ages.


2. Alexander And The Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Rated: PG

Genre: Comedy | Family

IMBD Rating: 6.5/10

The movie of Alexander begins when bad things start to happen to the whole family, and their day only continues to get worse. This hilarious comedy stars two great actors; Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner. Steve Carell, known for his great humour, will guarantee you a laugh or two!

3. Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Rated: PG

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Family

Released: 26th December 2014

Starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Owen Wilson, this film is a great family adventure to see! Where favourite and new characters unite together to embark on an epic quest. This quest seeks to save the magic before it is gone forever.


Movies for yourself:

1. Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Rated: PG

Genre: Adventure | Sci-Fi

IMBD Rating: 7.2/10

This is number 3, part 1 of the Hunger Games, titled Mockingjay. A specatular, action packed movie that keeps you entertained the whole time. The main star Jennifer Lawerence, also known as Katniss, goes to District 13 after District 12 is destroyed. Katniss meets President Coin who convinces her she need to be the symbol of rebellion to save the city.

2. Interstellar

Rated: PG-13

Genre: Adventure | Sci-Fi

IMBD Rating: 8.9/10

Interstellar is a surprisingly, fantastic movie about a team of explorers who journey through a dark wormhole in attempt to save humanity. A compelling adventure starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain.


3. St. Vincent

Rated: M

Genre: Comedy | Drama

IMBD Rating: 7.3/10

Released: 26th December 2014

Released on Boxing Day, you will be surprised that this film is quite hilarious. A great film to see with a friend; you are sure to have an enjoyable time and to get a few laughs. The film looks like a disaster, but don’t be deceived, the cast including Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts are a great hit!

Are you taking the grandkids to the movies these holidays? What do you want to see? Do you have any other films you recommend to see? Tell us more below…

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  1. Took an 8 year old to see Alexander and the etc., yesterday – really enjoyed it (both of us laughed hysterically the whole way through).Surprised you haven’t included ” Imitation Game” about the invention of the Enigma machine during WW2 and “The Water Diviner” for the adults – they’re my must sees after Xmas!

    1 REPLY
    • Agreed. ‘The imitation game’ and ‘The Water diviner’. What about ‘Mr Turner’ (The English painter) and ‘Annie’ for the children. Saw ‘Interstellar’ recently and loved it.

  2. One time there was a great animation movie about an elephant, it was very good our granddaughter giggled all the way through. We mainly watched her delight and surprise. I remember feeling that way too, and the tingle I felt going to bed on Christmas Eve.

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