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Our Government wants Australians to be working longer – maybe it’s time to take a leaf out of this lady’s book.

SeeSee Rigney is the oldest working nurse in the United States.  She’s just turned 90 and is still going strong working as an operating theatre nurse at Tacoma General Hospital in Washington.

SeeSee has been nursing for almost 70 years and she continues to inspire her younger co-workers with her passion and enthusiasm caring for her patients.  Happy Birthday SeeSee!

Take a look at the video below and tell us are you inspired by SeeSee?


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  1. I remember seeing a lady who was 100 working at a hospital voluntary. She was wizzing around. If your healthy and able good for you. That’s why both hubby and me keep doing what we do. Get bored and more tired sitting around. And all the time we can do it we will.

  2. I think it is wonderful that this woman can still work at ninety. But not everyone is in a job situation that can allow them to continue employment. She is a credit to her profession

  3. A theatre nurse doesn’t have the lifting & running around that a general nurse does. Good on her that she is healthy enough to continue working. I didn’t get past 64.

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    • You are correct Ann Ternel, I remember nearly passing out hanging on to some instruments for ages during my training. Thought of it after.

  4. Well she is wonderful but heaps of women work all their lives without pay looking after others. I know heaps who volenteer who look after relatives Children Grandchildren forester children but they do not get enough help or pats on the back.

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