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R&B icon Stevie Wonder is reportedly expecting triplets with girlfriend Tomeeka Robyn Bracy – Tomeeka is is 40 years old and Stevie Wonder is 64. Many comments have been made throughout the media that discuss his age and whether he is too old to have children. There has been a mix of fans and supporters who are all for it, and there are those who are outraged.

After previous relationships with four other women this will bring Stevie Wonders count to 11 children. Currently, his eight children range from ages 1 to 39. Stevie Wonder has been married twice before, and already has one child with Tomeeka.

The artist has continued to tour and perform throughout the world, and is still a great hit, regardless of his age. Who is to say he is too old to have children?

A family source discusses his age, stating, “He knows that being a father is a full-time job and now that he’s a little older, he feels like he’s up to the task and he doesn’t want to let any of them down”.

With all this being said, is Stevie too old to be having triplets? What are your thoughts on this? Tell us more below!

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  1. Would anybody be questioning this if Stevie Wonder wasn’t a celebrity? I don’t think so. Older men have relationships with younger women (and vice versa) every day. What’s the problem? As long as the kids aren’t being abused there is no problem. The only thing I would question here is whether at 40 Tomeeka is getting a bit old to be having babies; triplets or otherwise. There are many more risks for older women having babies for both the women themselves and the babies.

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    • mike here-it’s 38 years ago but June was 27 years old having our second child, our son, her doctor said that she was lucky she got in when she did as she was nearly too old to be having children. But it’s their decision.

  2. What does it matter to anyone but the parents? Women are having babies much later now and many many men have children from multiple relationships. Their choice, their business.

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  3. He’s got the money so the kids are going to be looked after. No one is being hurt so what is the problem?

  4. I feel sorry for the children who are unlikely to have very many active years with their father. Just my thoughts. If he has a daughter is he likely to be around to walk her down the aisle?

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