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Actor, writer and broadcaster Stephen Fry has married his partner Elliot Spencer in a small ceremony in Norfolk, England.

Stephen’s engagement to Elliot was announced less than two weeks ago however it didn’t feel at all as if the two lovebirds were rushing their tender union.

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The marriage was announced via Stephen’s Twitter with a photo of he and Elliot signing a marriage register along with the caption: “Gosh. @ElliotGSpencer and I go into a room as two people, sign a book and leave as one. Amazing”.

Stephen and Elliot wore matching green carnations as a nod to Oscar Wilde, whom Stephen played in 1997 film Wilde. To show it wasn’t just a coincidence they wore the famous flowers, Stephen tweeted again to show that his wedding had in fact been approved by an Oscar Wilde doll.

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Same sex marriage was legalised in England in 2014 meaning the happy duo are officially husband and husband.

When the couple announced their engagement earlier this month, there was public shock at the age gap between the two men – 30 years. All of that seemed insignificant as you can see from the photos.


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  1. Discusting

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  2. I wish them well. Wish I could be more open minded, just a little uncomfortable with same sex unions. Probably my catholic upbringing!!!!!!!!!

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    • We need as much love as we can spare in today’s world. Its the age factor that I dont like, Gender is a private issue’ LOVE LOVE LOVE

    • I too wish them every happiness and what they do in their personal lives is their own business, but a same sex ‘marriage’ is not, and never will be, the same as a heterosexual marriage for the simple fact that a union of a man and woman is, among other things, for the purpose of pro-creation. That is NOT going to happen in a same sex marriage.

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      • My female manager is married to a male for 25 years, deliberately having no children, makes a mockery of the comment re hetero marriage, I still feel people who make this type of comment should be demanding the divorce laws be repealed , if you gave children you stay as a married couple

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