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Traveling with Uber is fantastic – it’s like being in a well-maintained mini cab with a registered driver who you know is actually safe! And although using Uber is the hip and trendy way to travel, it’s actually incredibly valuable for older Australians too.

Yesterday, Uber announced a new branch of their services aimed at helping the disabled and the elderly by increasing their services to using vehicles that can accommodate folding wheelchairs, walkers and collapsible scooters. In a beautiful win for customer service, the drivers will also be given specific training on the safety requirements of their travellers and how to assist them before, during and after travelling. They’ll be doing this in conjunction with the Australian Network on Disability.

The new service is called UberASSIST and when booking an Ubere service users can simply select which type they require.

“Uber is working hard to make it easier and more affordable for people to get around their city,” David Rohrsheim, general manager of Uber Australia and New Zealand, said in a statement on their website.

“With uberASSIST, our driver-partners are helping to extend that convenience to those with different accessibility needs”.

It is good to see a service like this recognise their responsibility to serve the community – all people of all ages and physical abilities.

After coming to Australia last year, Uber has had significant success across a wide range of users and this is largely because it is simple and easy to use.

To get started with Uber just do the following:

  1. Download the Uber app on your smartphone
  2. Set up an account including credit card details
  3. Book your first trip
  4. The app charges your card automatically after you end your ride and you can do it all over again!

It’s really so simple.

Uber is one of a few companies who are intentionally going out of their direct way to serve a wider group of community members in Australia, so it leaves us asking the question – should more organisations do it too?

Do you think more companies need to accommodate the disabled and elderly? Name a product or service that you’d like to see working with these minority groups of Australians in the comments below… 

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  1. Well I think it be the intelligent thing to do,not only do we have a large number of disabled but we have millions of older Australians..if they want customers they have to cater to their needs

  2. Although it is great for Uber to assist the disabled and elderly, they do not pay tax in Australia. Uber does not pay extra for registration and insurance as taxis and limos do. Taxi and limo drivers have a health test before being able to drive a public vehicle. Anyone can drive for Uber. Be careful!

  3. I think more companies should be doing more to help the elderly and disabled. Cheryl, I might be disabled now but for most of my adult life I worked and paid taxes and I could still work at least part time if someone would employ me, even for a few hours per week.
    Good on Uber for doing something that will help people.

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