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For many years the Royal Family have announced the arrival of new children by posting the details on the traditional easel behind the gates of Buckingham Palace. It’s always the first announcement and confirmation from the family of a birth.

However, this year for the birth of William and Kate’s second child, they’re doing something that for the royal family, has never been done before… They’re posting the news on Twitter!

According to a report in The Sunday Times, this is their preferred method and we say, well done! When so many people criticise the monarchy for being too “old world” it’s nice to see a bit of modern fun and technology creeping into their lives!

The engagement of William and Kate was also broken on twitter when it happened, also a first for the family however this marks an entirely new front which we are very excited about!

The Royal Baby could arrive any day, and we’ll be watching twitter keenly until the news break!

If you don’t have a twitter account, now might be a great time to get one! Sign up at and make sure you follow @startsatsixty and @BritishMonarchy to get the news straight away!

Tell us, do you think this is a good move for the family? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. Oh please, not on Twitter. Such a vicious and nasty place. I can just imagine all the foul mouthed replies to the tweet. Some traditions ought to be maintained and this, I think, is one of them.

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    • I agree Chris, no matter what topic is discussed on here, there are always, nasty, immature, even if this is a senior site! And very rude people,who suffer the 1/2 cup empty syndrome. A birth of a baby albeit a royal one, to a lovely couple,is a reason to celebrate. So lighten up people please. Something happy to celebrate in this world today, should put a smile on your face. Not derogatory responses!

  2. It will be announced the same way as it always is. Even if it does go out on twitter it will be on the news and TV within 30 seconds.
    As for twitter being a bad media venue.
    It’s not twitter or even FB that is bad; it is the people who use it.
    Just look at some of the nastiness that is on here at times……

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    • The difference with FB though is that most groups have moderators and if they are so inclined they can weed out trolls but Twitter is not moderated at all, everything and anything is fair game.

  3. No, not the way to do it. It is ‘assumed’ that everyone has a Twitter account. They don’t. I have one but rarely even look at it as I find it quite impersonal. Stick with tradition, there’s a lot of traditions that are being lost.

  4. Maybe on Twitter and Facebook etc – but whatever they use it will be nano seconds later that the whole world will know about it!. Good luck to Kate and William – hope all goes well and bub is happy and healthy…

  5. The royal family is like any other business (or “the family firm” as prince Philip calls it) & must move with the times to be seen as relevant. This started with the way princess Di conducted herself & they hated her for it! The rest of the royals were very set in their ways & saw no reason to change. But they had to & they have to a certain degree. Their “goal” is to be seen as relevant so as the “family firm” can continue on into the future…

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