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Robert Redford is in the news today, but not as an actor. He has something to say on issues that have long been a concern for him.

The cinema heartthrob has appeared in films since 1959, first as an actor, and later as a director, winning the 1980 Best Film Oscar with the first film he directed, Ordinary People. His has been a stellar acting career, with roles in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, The Great Gatsby, All The President’s Men, Out of Africa, and so very many more.

He has also long had concerns about the environment. His 1972 film Jeremiah Johnson had something of an environmental theme, and indeed led to him buying land in Utah, where the film was shot. He made his Utah his home, and where he based his annual Sundance Film Festival, an important event in the film world.

And it is the environment that has the actor in the news today. Redford appeared as a speaker at a climate change event at the United Nations, in New York. The event is expected to “deliver a new, ambitious and universally binding agreement” from the international community.

“I’m here today as an environmental advocate, but also a father, grandfather, and a concerned citizen.

“I’m an actor… I’m sorry about that” he said self-deprecatingly. “I’m an actor by trade, but I’m an activist by nature.

“Your mission here is as simple as it is daunting. It’s to save the world before it’s too late.

“Every day we don’t act, the crisis gets worse — and the cost of inaction goes up. But there are three things that we can do as a global community”.

It’s a passionate seven-minute speech, and no mere stab to be talked about. He absolutely means every word.

Earlier in the week he wrote an opinion piece for CNN.

Last year was the hottest since we began taking global measurements 135 years ago. The 16 hottest years on record have all occurred since 1997. As Pope Francis has told us, we have a moral obligation to be responsible stewards of the earth and all it supports. That means protecting future generations from the dangers of climate change.

Here is the video of Redford’s speech to the United Nations:



What do you think of what Redford says in the video? Do you think more notice will be taken, and more action on the problem, because of celebrities as spokespeople? Do you think real solutions to climate change will happen soon?

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  1. I think he is very right in what he is saying about environment change. We need to think of future generations and how they will survive. In the past few years, I have felt the difference in temperature in the past few years, here in Australia and it is very scary. Something needs to be done or future generations won’t survive.

  2. That’s great Robert and a very important issue, have you ever thought about gun control for the US of A?

  3. Yes the mobile ignoramus was annoying. Good speech. Maybe Robert should revive his role in the movie The Candidate, but this time make it for real ?

  4. Very well said Mr Redford I hope all the Mayors and governments of every nation listen to you what you have to say. Our Planet is dying. I am quite disgusted at the man behind Mr Redford who is more interested in his Mobile phone and has the gaul to clap Mr Redford’ s speech. Shame Shame on you.

  5. Very well said. Everything said was completely accurate and clearly expressed. Sadly, our government isn’t listening. We have so much to offer but we have chosen to go in the wrong direction.

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