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Prince William welcomed his second child into the world just three weeks ago with the arrival of his daughter Princess Charlotte. They’ve been very quiet, as expected, since the arrival however William shared some insight into what he thinks about parenting the second time around while on official duties during the week.

According to Hello Magazine, he met with the England Women’s Football team and they gave him a delightful gift – a football jersey for Princess Charlotte with her name and the number one emblazoned across the back.

During the discussions with the team they asked him about his new daughter and what it has been like to become a Dad for the second time around and humorously, he said something that everyone will be able to relate to!

One of the female players told reporters, “He was saying he’s obviously really enjoying being a father and Princess Charlotte is actually keeping him up. He was saying George never stops moving!” 

And another player shared, “He said he’d had a few sleepless nights. The baby will be up and George is running around now isn’t he? It reflects that he does have a normal life away from his duty as a prince”.

So while we automatically consider the newest royals to be raised by nannies and a team of professionals, it seems as though they’re really being raised by their mum and dad – just how they should be! Isn’t it lovely to have a Royal Family who are, at the end of the day, just like the rest of us?

Tell us, do you remember the sleepless nights of early parenting? 

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  1. I hope a lot of anti royals read this and see that they are the ones raising their children not a LARGE staff that most think.

  2. My memories are of a perfect baby and toddler
    Obviously flawed memory

  3. Apart from illnesses and bad reactions to vaccines, we were pretty lucky. My children were big and strong and played hard and grew very tall. (Which is tiring as tall people will know.). They went to bed at 6pm and woke around 6am. I had no family for back up and my husband worked two jobs (permanent night shift) so I used to collapse in bed by 9pm.

  4. ” Like a normal Mum & Dad” – raised like the rest of us !?! – Give over – Never. Do the rest of us have a team of staff to step in & takeaway all the disturbing life situations that toddlers & newborns bring into the world ? Don’t think so.
    Also believe that when it gets too hard , they do pass them on to the staff to deal with. What a lot of pretentious paraphernalia over 2 new kids born into the world who will have all privileges that the tax payers can provide – whilst the tax payers have to struggle to make ends meet for their own families.

  5. It’s fantastic the way they care for their children, obviously Diana rubbed off on them. Also Andrew and Fergie. were good parents. I think you will find the Queens children were raised by Nannies etc which is probably why Charles and Anne are so aloof.

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  6. All the best to ’em. But seriously just like us. I think not. Bet someone else doing the dishes housework cooking etc. Sorry. I’m glad the kids are getting their attention tho

  7. Their lives are incomparable to ‘the average person’

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