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Let’s have a giggle tonight – watch Paul Hogan in this Australia tourism ad from 1984!

Paul looks just as we remember him, tanned, young and beaming with confidence about this great place – fair dinkum.

But oh, how things have changed…it’s almost corny!

Watch below and tell us what you think and what memories it conjures for you:


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  1. He was and still is a true Australian legend one whom gave us many hours of good splendid entertaining !!!!!!! Wish him all the best…..

  2. We have grown into a mature, cosmopolitan country since the 80’s, but sadly have also lost some of our relaxed, unique culture. His adds clearly illustrate this aging process!

  3. Exactly Paula. Really so many issues raised here are so past. Can’t we live in today and not jut do the endless cups of tea and a bit of gardening thing?

  4. The more we become sophisticated (so we think) the less fair dinkum we sound. Paul manages to keep his larrikin image, although maybe as sharp as he used to be. I think of him as more of an Aussie than say, James Packer.

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