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Today while we watched and waited for the results of the leadership spill secret ballot we saw a large portion of the Liberal Party exit the chamber. Two women caught our eyes: Bronwyn Bishop and Julie Bishop. Both of these leading ladies were dressed with fabulous style – something you can’t deny regardless of whether you like them or not!

They’re proving that you can still look great when you’re leading two of the busiest lives in the country and for that we think they’re great! While Julie Bishop is 57, Bronwyn Bishop is 72 – but you wouldn’t know it!

Check out these photos below and tell us, what do you think of these stylish politicians?


Note how well Bronwyn carries off this beautiful but bold look – you wouldn’t know she’s 72!

We love how elegant Julie looks in this simple but elegant two piece, two-tone suit!

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  1. If any of us were earning the outrageous amounts of money they are we’d be looking pretty stylish as well

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  2. Outfits nice. Wish we could afford those clothes. Unfortunately we don,t get paid to do nothing like B.B. Julie deserves all she gets paid.

  3. I see that Julie was looking up at the television monitor again. She has a love affair with television monitors.

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    • So true , hmmmm!, wander if she hv a crush on …. Turnbull !!, or tony , she’s got that look .. Check when she looks at Turnbull ( ahahahah )

  4. It’s funny how we never see this kind of post about the men. Isn’t the job they do more important than how they look. Mind you classy is always a winner.

  5. Actually who cares? It’s the quality of the person that counts and I’m not,making any judgment because of what they are wearing!

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