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"My anger knows no bounds over that and I feel very protective towards the people involved," said Lisa Wilkinson.

Karl Stefanovic’s split with his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn, has been in the public eye for a while and rumours about the reason of his divorce have also started circulating and coming out of thin air. If Lisa Wilkinson previously did not comment on Stefanovic’s split, this time she has come out to the aid of her good friend and co-host at Today. Wilkinson said that a lot of ‘lies’ have been published in magazines about Karl’s split and she’s ‘angry’ and ‘disgusted’ about all the reports because she’s concerned for Karl and Cassandra and their three young children. “There’s a lot of rubbish out there, a lot of lies,” she said, mentioning magazines as one media outlet. Wilkinson also said she was ‘disgusted’ about all the reports being published and even the comments on the stories.

Lisa and Karl aren't just co-hosts, they are also very good friends.
Lisa and Karl aren’t just co-hosts, they are also very good friends.

“I am disgusted with some sections of the media at the moment and some of the comments sections, the fact they have no moderators at all and the complete, well again, lies that are published without any regards to the fact that there are human beings involved here and there’s children involved.

“My anger knows no bounds over that and I feel very protective towards the people involved. But you don’t want to give it oxygen.”

Wilkinson also said that she believes there is no reason for Karl or Cassandra to comment on any claims so as to not ‘dignify’ the nasty reports.

Karl and Cassandra’s 21-year marriage ended in September and Karl recently, Channel Nine boss Darren Wick confirmed the morning TV host will be taking at least a month off work as he deals with family issues.

Do you think it is possible for a celebrity to have a discreet divorce or is the public attention part of the job?

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  1. I think it’s there business it’s there lives leave them alone
    It would be lovely to see them sort it out for the children’s
    sake but if that’s not to be leave them alone they are not
    The first and won’t be the last

    1 REPLY
    • In principle yes but remember these are the people who choose to comment at will on every aspect of society as though they were experts. If this was your divorce would they be concerned about your children, probably not. These are journalists and they choose to comment on you and yours but we should allow them time when it them ? Sorry but perhaps they should have pulled back when this sort of sensationalism was touted around by them.

  2. The rubbish press have to be ignored and sadly it comes with bieng in the public eye.

  3. I feel for anyone who does not have the space and privacy to work out their problems. My problem is that Lisa Wilkinson has been so protective of this media coverage, and yet she aggressively attacks anyone on her show or interviews. Lisa should recognise that her journalistic interviews also hurt people. These people are well known, so be consistent and leave everyone alone who you do not agree with.

  4. Lies? Rubbish? Twaddle? Falsehoods? Untruths? Half-truths? Fabrications? Cock and bull stories? Fairy tales? In the women’s rags like The No Idea and the others? Nah, surely not …

  5. Everybody needs to mind their own business and let Karl and Cassandra have some privacy and work out their own problems, that includes Lisa Wilkinson and the rest of the media

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