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When I had my son, a kind midwife told me “you can’t spoil a baby”. I wonder whether she would have said the same to a British couple who spent £20,000 on clothes for their newborn twins? Isabella and Jacob Hill, aka The Hill Twins, aka UKsPamperedTwins on social media, each had a new designer outfit every day for their first three months.


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And the madness doesn’t stop there. The twins’ mother is a known spendaholic who runs a high-end dog pampering business and once spent £100,000 on her tiny terrier’s wedding (which ended in “divorce”).

Ironically, Louise Hill’s husband was the frontman for a money-saving TV show in the UK called Superscrimpers when they first met. The bubs have been decked out in labels like Prada, Dior, Chloe and Ralph Lauren since birth, with some items costing up to £500 each, according to the Mirror. The twins travel first-class in a £2500 pram, their £1600 ornamental milk bottles are covered in Swarovski crystals and one of their many teddy bears cost £600.  



Mum Louise justifies her spending on the gorgeous pigeon pair by saying, “People might think it’s in bad taste but we went through such trauma to have the twins through IVF that I’ll dress them how I like. They’re so precious and nothing is too good for them. I want them to look their best all the time and I ­enjoy it”.

While the story of this couple is entertaining, it’s far from typical. An IBISWorld study found parents spend $3,037 per child annually on nappies, clothing, food, furniture, toys and footwear. But that doesn’t mean our bubs aren’t well dressed. Savvy mums pick up designer bargains on eBay, and high-street brands like Country Road and Fred Bare provide kids’ clothes that are a cut above the Best’n’Less.

I know in my family anything decent my kids have to wear comes from… their grandparents! The funny thing is both sets are far more willing to buy expensive clothes for our kids than they were for my husband or me when we were young. My mum even says, “I know he/she will grow out of it in five minutes but I couldn’t resist”.

Do you spend a “little” bit more on designer clothes (and other things) for your grandkids or do you think designer clothes for kids are a waste of money?


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  1. I do not buy clothing for my grandchildren. I have learnt that what I like is not necessarily what my grandchildren like. I prefer to give them a gift card so they can buy their own. 😀

  2. I had a neighbour in Sydney who used to give us her sons grown out of designer clothes for our son. I LOVED them. Would never pay hard earned money for them however in those days. Grandparents can usually afford more for grandchildren’s clothes than they could for their own kids. Who here doesn’t wish they could have bought their kids clothes and uniforms for what the can get them now? Pre China prices were well harsh.

  3. Its a waste of money they grow out of their clothes too quick to make it worthwhile it only makes the child snobby

  4. My sister and I buy a lot of my granddaughter’s clothes and the clothes at Best and Less and Kmart etc are excellent value and they look fabulous. Paying hundreds for designer clothes for a baby says so much about the parents and it’s not particularly positive.

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    • Spending is always relative. Some people are so wealthy that this amount of money isn’t that important. The rest of us love hand me downs and bargain prices and sewing our own!

  5. Ridiculous, mine had the same lovely Grandma made ,embroidered and with ribbons , dresses, boy & girl boy till about 3 months, boys in 60s wore dresses. Beautiful crocheted dresses , jackets , knitted layettes and jumpsuits. Mum made my sons little shirts & shorts , lined & with belt , shirt had collars and maybe ric rack braid round collar. My mum had 6 grandkids under age of 6 , we just passed them on. Love babies kept as babies till they are about 3 or 4 months.

  6. Don’t even buy designer clothes for myself let alone the grandkids. They can pay for their own. I prefer to buy something they can play in the garden and dirt with. Mind you I do buy designer toys for my 9 year old grandson. He is special and has only one like in this whole world, so I figure he can have it.

  7. My babies had home made knitted outfits and home baby sewn clothes depending on the season. I was still sewing and knitting till they were at school, three boys and a girl. Never caused a problem for them at all. Designer clothes were introduced in their early teens! For best!

  8. Nope, unless they can afford to earn & buy themselves. Then maybe there possible would not be as much negative stress out there, Hold Bak PARENTS,,,,, Your pockets aren’t deep enough,,,**********

  9. As if babies or little children could care less about labels..all for the parents /other adults…kids want comfort and fun!

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