Kerri-Anne Kennerley absolutely nailed it at the DJs fashion launch 112



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Go Kerri-Anne! Since defeating cancer, the TV presenter has been unstoppable, appearing in a bikini on a national magazine – without photoshop – lifting weights, loving life and showing the world that women over 60 can still outshine the rest.

Last night, Kerri-Anne appeared alongside all the 20-something WAGs, celebs and starlets at the David Jones Autumn/Winter fashion launch in Sydney and she absolutely nailed it.

Wearing a sparkling gold and silver dress and fun shoes, she was beaming before the cameras. And who needs a bra? The dress was backless, which had at least one newspaper reporter open-mouthed in shock!

Take a look at KaK and tell us, does she make you proud?

What do you think? Would you be smiling if you looked this great?

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  1. this is the back of the dress, I bet she has had a boob job 🙂

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    • I agree, has been a point with me for many years, Kerry is able to afford all the surgery she likes, needs. Jealous , sometimes yes. Just cost me $800 for a basic prosthesis and 5 bras, yes there is a $ 400 rebate, my health fund does not reimburse for bras.

  2. Beautiful girl but has had a lot of help with plastic surgery, botox etc. Looks great but i often would love to see these women first thing in the morning with the flash make up and hair dos etc.😉😉

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    • We would all “still have it ” , ifcwe never had any kids and had the money for all the work she has had done too . 🙂

    • Spot on Diane,she also lost points with me when she made having Brest cancer like a helps when very sick.i wish her well

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