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The Duchess of Cambridge has dazzled at her first state banquet – stealing the show in an elegant red dress and simple but stunning tiara and looking every inch the fairy-tale princess.

The pearl and diamond Lotus Flower tiara is the same one Kate wore for a banquet in 2013. It is part of Queen Elizabeth’s personal collection and has been in the royal family since the 1920s.

She chose chandelier earrings to complement the tiara. The choice of dress was also impeccable, a red bespoke dress by British designer Jenny Packham.

The colour red was a master stroke because the banquet was held in honour of Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Madame Pang Liyuan and red is China’s national colour.

The banquet was hosted by the Queen and Prince Phillip, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge played a prominent part because they sat at the top table.

One hundred and 170 guests attended the lavish affair, which was held at the start of a tour of the UK by the Chinese president and his wife to cement UK-China relations.

It is reportedly the first time Kate has attended a palace state dinner, and it is only the third time she has worn a tiara, the first being for her wedding, when she chose another simple but stunning tiara from the Queen’s collection, the Halo tiara.



What do you think of Kate’s choice of tiara and dress? Do you think she would have been nervous for her first state banquet?

Sources: Dailymail.co.uk and Time Magazine

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  1. Loved the dress, and she looked every inch a regal lady. Wills chose well, didn’t he – she seems almost too good to be true!

  2. What an inspiring couple. May they be our next King & Queen. A pair 2 respect & admire.

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    • The line of Succession says Prince Charles will be our next King, that is what he has been trained for. That is how it should be, no need to wory about having a Queen Camilla, and although I am not too sure, I think Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will be a Consort like Camilla. I think we should give the Prince a chance, he is not as bad as he appears, he has made mistakes, big ones, but have’nt we all. Give him a go. He comes across as intelligent.

    • I don’t mind having Prince Charles as King but I think it would be very disrespectful to his sons and the country to have Camilla as Queen

    • I too would like to see Wills & Kate as the next King & Queen.There must have been a real Diplomatic reason for Kate & Wills to be so close to the Queen & the Chinese president at this dinner. Did anyone see Charles & his ‘wife’ at the top table? Speaks volumes IMO

    • Charles would have to be dead before William becomes king … stupid comment. And, Camilla won’t be queen, it was decided prior to her marriage …… thought you royalists would already know those things !

    • Not so stupid, his grandmother’s uncle stepped down when he married his divorced American wife. Perhaps Charles could do the right thing & step down & let his son be King. He is so much more deserving of the position. Hang in there as long as you can, Queen Elizabeth. x

  3. Diana would have loved her. She comes across as an elegant, lovely Lady, just like Diana.

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    • Reading what is printed about both ladies I have a feeling they would be like oil and water. Catherine is intelligent, down to earth and knows her own mind. She would also not stand for any interference in her marriage and with her children, unless of course she forgot her position and was a loos cannon. Diana unfortunately comes across as manipulative, did not appear to know her own mind and went into a tizzy if she was not the centre of attention. But we will never know until the archives 100 years from now are opened and are read. As it is, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge comes across as a “real” person and always looks beautifully presented. We all know she has everything available to her, but you cannot make a silk purse out of a pigs ear, she has the foundations to begin with.

    • The difference is Dianna was thrown in the deep end at aged 19 without much help. Katherine had more time and was a lot older and she has a husband that loves her. I think they would have got on well.

  4. She is stunning just like Diana I love her style however I guess she has a stylish to help her .I miss Diana..I can’t imagine how much her sons miss her.

  5. Plain but elegant ,beautiful make up but that hair style made her look older ,needs to be up/ back but in a more youthful fashionable way

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