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Much like her late mother-in-law, the Duchess has a soft side for women in all situations – this week she made a surprise visit to a women’s prison to lift inmates’ spirits.

Princess Kate made her first visit to HM Prison Send in Surrey country to speak to inmates battling alcohol and drug addiction on Friday.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said the visit reflected the Duchess’s interest in learning how organisations support people living with substance issues, and the impact of addiction within their families.

“As patron of addiction charity, ‘Action on Addiction’, she is aware that addictions lie at the heart of so many social issues and the destructive role that substance misuse plays in vulnerable people’s and communities’ lives,” the spokesman said.

On her visit, the Duchess said, “I was reminded today how addictions lie at the heart of so many social issues and how substance misuse can play such destructive role in vulnerable people’s lives”, reports Business Standard.

“I am grateful to the women I met for sharing their difficult personal stories with me,” she said.

The prison is home to 280 female prisoners with harrowing sentences, the majority murder.

The mother-of-two was photographed smiling and listening intently as she spoke to guards and inmates, and it was said to have lifted spirits in the prison.

The Daily Mail reports the women at Send prison didn’t know the identity of their visitor until half an hour before she arrived. “They were surprised,” said one charity worker. “Pleasantly surprised”.

One inmate said the duchess seemed to really care. “When royals visit prisons you kind of think, it’s for show, but you could see she was genuinely interested in addiction and mental health”.

After her meeting, Kate was given two aprons made by inmates for Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as some prison-made pastries and honey from the prison bees.

“George is going to need it for his painting and his colouring”, Kate was reported as saying.

Amanda Cockran, who runs the programme at Send, said the duchess made quite an impact. “She was really grateful that they had shared their stories. She was touched by their courage. Sharing that stuff with anybody is not easy”.

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  1. This girl is the greatest asset that the Poms have, along with her husband and brother in law. She is like Diana but with her own personality. I hope that the media does not destroy her like they did with Diana. She really is a fairy tale Princess.

  2. I agree too. Give Kate some credit for her own action and let Diana RIP. E

  3. The one way Kate is different is that she is far far stronger than Diana and will stamp on media who go too far and retreat when she has had enough. She knew exactly what she was getting into marrying into the Royal family and does not need people bleating on her behalf to leave her alone.

  4. The Dutchess of Cambridge has not become the adulteress her mother in law was, as far as we know she is not mentally unstable, to date, she shows no sign of becoming a wannabe celebrity, or publicity junkie, nor has she had an affair with her security staff or made it impossible for her husband to share their home. personally I can’t see any resemblance at all. THANK GOD.

    6 REPLY
    • Prince Charles had moved on long before he proposed to Dianna, (Camilla & her family were living in South Africa during those courtship years something Dianna failed to mention in her interviews) Kanga Tyron had also been moved to the back bench, the fact he had remained friends with his old female, Male friends, & bowed to media/public pressure to marry, did not mean he didn’t love her or would have continued to do so, had she continued to be lovable. but all that aside, The Duchess of Cambridge is nothing like Dianna nor would it be any achievement to be proud of should she try to be. Give her the respect & credibility of being a beautiful woman in her OWN right or are you going to iexpect her to become a Muslim, & join a bloody Harem. DIANA IS DEAD, GONE & BURIED, she has had NO influence over anyone for 18 years, least of all a girl who was still a child far removed from Kensington Palace.

    • You sound sick and jealous. It was Charles and Camilla that never gave that marriage a chance. Diana was lonely with a husband who was smitten by another fusty women Camilla was the adulteress long before Diana. Don’t forget that!!! Anyway her sons adore her think of them and don’t be so bitter and twisted.

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