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It’s always fun to see over-60s stars refuse to take themselves too seriously – particularly those as loved and respected as Dame Judi Dench.

At a recent red carpet event at London’s Royal Opera House, the 81-year-old thespian couldn’t resist a bit of mischief, sneaking into an interview with her fellow actress Zoë Wanamaker.

Watch this priceless moment below:


Dame Judi appears seemingly out of nowhere, sidling into shot to tell the interviewer: “don’t believe a word she says”. She glides off seamlessly without another word.

“How did you know?” Zoë calls after her, before running after her for a lighthearted embrace.

Dame Judi, who recently set a new record by winning her eighth Olivier award for acting, remains the utmost model of dignity. It’s refreshing to know that doesn’t stand in the way of a strong, irreverent sense of humour, nor of having a bit of fun.

Are you a Judi Dench fan? What’s your favourite performance?

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