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He was sensationally sacked by the BBC earlier this year following an abusive scene on set and now it seems Jeremy Clarkson is up to his old tricks and has learnt nothing.

Clarkson posted a photo of himself and Richard Hammond on Twitter outside the Margaret River Fudge Factory with the caption: ‘We have got jobs at last. Here. As packers’.

Of course as many of us know, this isn’t just a snide remark about getting a job again, he has used a gay slur… and many are not happy.

His joke was a nod to a phrase commonly considered a slur used to describe gay men, and has caused uproar. Many have called for Clarkson to stop the homophobic comments.

He is on his Clarkson, Hammond & May Live Tour – formerly called Top Gear Live – with his former co-stars, however it is not the first time Clarkson has offended the gay community, or the general community for that matter.

Earlier last year he posted a horrible photo of himself with a sign saying ‘gay c***’ written on it, and an arrow pointed at himself whilst he was sleeping. He showed little remorse, tweeting, ‘I have deleted my last tweet and would like to apologise profusely to anyone who I upset while I was asleep’.

The 55-year-old can’t seem to get it right, with a career riddled with gaffs and foot-in-mouth incidents.

With that said, his behaviour has not perturbed fans of the popular car show he used to front – 14,000 fans turned up at the Perth Arena on Saturday night.

“Welcome, to what for legal reasons is now called Clarkson, Hammond and May Live,’ Clarkson said after entering the arena on a hovercraft, reports the Daily Mail.

“For legal reasons, nothing we have ever done together has ever happened. Our lawyers tell us that, for legal reasons, we have never met”.

See the tweet below and tell us, was he out of line?

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  1. I watch Top Gear but to be honest I have never thought the sexuality of any of crew, and it doesn’t affect me or my enjoyment of the show whatever their sexual preference are. Jeremy Clarkson is going his second teenage years I think and has become a rebel without a cause. Shame his bad behavior destroyed a good tv show

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  2. Yes Clarkson is a dope, always a dope; but can the gay lobby stop thinking they are a protected species and stop been so hypocritical. The gays year after year at their mardi gras and local / weekly rags make mockery of many other faiths/cultures. It appears the gays can be judge and jury on other community groups but go and sulk and get upset when someone makes comment about them. Get over it.

    4 REPLY
  3. Never liked the man so never watched Top Gear and suffered through QI whenever he was a guest – no talent

  4. Can someone explain the homophobic comment please? I’ve never liked the man but don’t understand what the fuss is about

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  5. For heanen sakes nobody can say anything today without someone taking a swipe I don’t see anything wrong no slur on anyone just a joke about work come on australia there used to be a time when we could take a joke as well as give one it used to be the Australian way

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    • Do you actually understand the gay connotation? I doubt it. Very rude and disrespectful as you would expect 🙁

  6. Gee really get over yourselves he made a joke let’s get him. How the he’ll do comedians make money everyone is so sensitive

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