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Jane Fonda has always looked younger than her years but it was something subtle she did in the last couple of days that made us realise she is just like us.

After hip, back and knee surgeries, Jane is doing well to disguise the agonising pain she must feel. She was spotted taking her disabled parking permit off after a night out, breaking the stereotype that you have to look disabled or feel disabled to display a permit to park.

Out for a dinner at West Hollywood restaurant Craig’s, the popular actress took her permit off her mirror casually and with a smile. She didn’t seem fazed by the paparazzi and snapped with her little dog Tulea in tow.

The star was enjoying an upmarket dinner date with her partner Richard Perry, and was dressed in a stunning black jumpsuit. She accessorised with a bandana and choker necklace, which looked fantastic.

Jane Fonda has previously told of multiple operations on her back, knee and hip, and as a consequence she now has a fake knee and titanium hip.

“I have a fake knee, I have a fake hip, I’ve got a lot of metal in my back – it’s a field day at the airport. My body hurts almost all the time. But I am not my aches and pains. I feel great and I am positive.

She likes to take it easy and said, “Instead of running, I walk. Instead of 20lb weights, it’s 10, or eight”.

Jane is currently starring in the successful Netflix series Grace & Frankie, which has just been renewed for a second series.

In the show, Jane plays Grace, a retired model and businesswoman, who after finding out that her husband is gay moves in with her husband’s new lover’s ex wife Frankie – we’ve seen it and think it’s hilarious!


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  1. My doctor and dept of transport know why I have a disabled parking permit. I don’t have to “prove” myself to anyone else. Anyway who said it was a stigma !! ? To some of us it’s a life necessity.

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  2. Wow the old hate is still there after all these years. Ms Fonda is just like the rest of us, human with all our human foibles and frailties!

  3. See the question by Una shows there is a stigma to displaying a disabled parking permit. I have been abused, followed in shopping centers etc in the past because I was ” using someone else’s permit” or was milking the system etc. I didn’t look the part. This only stopped when I ended up needing aids to get around but still I sometimes get horrid looks etc.
    But I never gave them the satisfaction of explaining my situation to any one. As Debbie said my doctor etc know why and I don’t have to prove myself.
    Good on Jane for just living life as she needs to using what she needs to. Why make it an issue?

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