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She can wave like a princess, tolerate insufferable hats attached to her forehead and has produced two absolutely divine children, so it’s no surprise that the Duchess of Cornwall has risen to her latest challenge with characteristic aplomb.

Kate has joined her hubby in becoming an advanced scuba diver. The Telegraph newspaper has reported that Kate now holds the highest certification possible for a recreational diver, meaning she won’t get left behind next time William, who is president of the British Sub-Aqua Club, takes a dive.

The qualification means the Duchess can now join her husband on deep dives to 30 metres to look for sharks during holidays in the Middleton family’s regular destination, Mustique, although why she’d want to that is anyone’s guess.

A spokesman for the Duchess said: “Diving is something the Duchess very much enjoys, and the Duke of Cambridge, who is of course President of the BSAC, has said in the past that he is hopeful his children will become interested in the sport.”

The royal reporter for the Telegraph writes that Kate and William have always enjoyed a competitive relationship when it came to sport.

The Duke once said, “We are both very competitive. She beats me at tennis and skiing but I am better at the rest.”

William’s team beat Kate’s in a dragon-boat race in Canada in 2011, but he was left behind by his wife’s team when she won a race in America’s Cup yachts.

We say good on her for pursuing her husband’s interests and letting him know he will have to stay on top of his game (when it comes to sport, at least) to keep ahead of his wife.

Were you aware of the Duchess’s competitive streak? Where would you recommend she go diving? Does your family have a sport or hobby you all share?



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  1. So lovely to hear they are doing normal every day stuff like we do.
    Not sure if the royals have done these things in the past.

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    • Charles and Philip were both previous presidents of the Sub Aqua Club, so they were both divers too!

    • Anne has always had her horses and it looks like Zara has followed her mother. Zara has competed at the Olympic Games. She and her brother don’t have titles.

    • Princess Anne and her then husband, Mark Phillips did not want titles for their children. They just wanted a normal upbringing for them.

    • Actually it was in the Letters Patent from the Queen’s Father, George VI, who decided that only royal sons would pass on titles to their offspring. Misogyny. Also Anne and Mark “supposedly” didn’t want titles for their kids, but I wonder how Peter and Zara feel about that? Edward’s kids were entitled to be princess / prince and HRH, but he supposedly declined too!

  2. Queen Catherine has a nice ring to it.
    We voted to retain the monarchy Berndt Rudiger Olesen
    Because we love them

    9 REPLY
    • Thats why we had a referendum lol and as we live in a democracy the yays were more than the nays.
      A referendum costs a fortune and while we have people dying waiting for surgery I hope we don’t waste money on another one.

    • You love them. Not we. Australia will eventually become a Republic because all the old royalists will die

    • By the way how many people do you know who are waiting for surgery. If you have an accident or need life threatening treatment you are rushed to hospital for immediate treatment. This is not America

    • R u serious.the waiting lists for orthopedic surgery is years long.
      I have a friend who waited over 2 years when she broke all her foot and she was in a chair for a great part of that time.
      I have top health insurance but working in the health industry really opened my eyes

    • I didn’t I voted no because of the way it was set up, it should have been a straight yes or no vote and the republican would have been a reality, once the yes votes won they could have sorted out the details and then put that to the vote.

    • My sister lives in Tamworth and waited about four weeks to have a hip replacement. She joined a health fund so she got it done cheaper and the health fund waived the waiting time

    • Thats the way to go but many many older people don’t have that prerogative.
      Im lucky ive got top cover but there’s so many whose lives are destroyed by the Longgggg wait.
      A broken foot n in a chair is considered elective surgery. Go figure

  3. Next the headlines will be she has had a run in with a shark. If Fanning can do it so can she.

  4. Judith Forbes. We have enough queens in this country already. Time you joined the Republican March

  5. If her name is Catherine why do you call her Kate. Shouldn’t it be Cate?

    5 REPLY
    • Oh Wendy , it’s a silly thing BUT I agree wholeheartedly it PEEEEeeeVE’s me off !!! I just do NOT get the change of C to K !!!!!

    • It was a Greek name originally & has something to do with the different alphabets in ancient times. Fabulous name……. Meaning “pure.”

    • Still doesn’t explain the K and C . I know you can spell it either way but way doesn’t everyone call her Cate?

    • Well I don’t know about that as according to the media when she married William she was going to be called Catherine by the Royals. By the way that came from the British press. I think it is because Australians have to shorten everyone’s names or give them nicknames

  6. Until she has an affair. My, did I say that. Come on everyone crucify me!!!! lol

    1 REPLY
    • What are you talking about? And what caused you to make such a nasty comment? Oh – I’ve just realised, you’re hoping you’ll get lots of replies. Trolling?

  7. Kate is what she prefers to be called…i wish the media would stop referring to her as Middleton….she ismarried and has a title and deserves respect from all.

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    • I think the use of “Middleton” in the article refers to the Middleton family holiday place, not that of her’s and Will’s.

    • Yes, the Middleton seems to be stuck to her. I don’t recall that happened to Diana – was Spencer used when referring to her?

    • Lots of women like to keep their maiden names so why can’t she? I have kept mine as am proud of it so why can’t Kate still be a Middleton as well as Windsor or Wales or whatever name the family go by these days….

    • I think you have missed the point….its social media … a now royal , she has rules that even she has to follow

    • well the media have let her keep it so good for them and it’s about time the royal family were dragged even kicking and screaming into the 21st century anyway… Ann Boleyn was never referred to as Ann Tudor was she etc etc…

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