If your flight is delayed maybe you’ll just have to sing it out like these guys did 0



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How do you feel about flying? It’s true that flying’s not the most fun thing that you can do and can be excruciating if there are delays. Recently on a flight that was delayed on the tarmac a group of decided to use their incredible vocal skills to try to make the best of the situation.

Singing on the plane isn’t new as the cast of the Australian stage production of The Lion King did a similar thing while on a trip from Brisbane.

Sometimes the crew get into the fun and can create an atmosphere of fun on a typically stuffy flight.

While we usually remember flights for being long or uncomfortable at least the travellers on these flights got to remember them for a whole different reason.

How would this make you feel if it happened on your plane? Would you be annoyed that people were loud? Or would you welcome the distraction from waiting for the plane to take off?

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