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The item dubbed the “Holy Grail of Beatles memorabilia” is up for auction on Thursday… And it probably isn’t the item you think!

According to the Daily Mail, the first ever psychedelic cartoon drawing of the yellow submarine is up for auction with expectations it will fetch more than £10,000.

This drawing was the master file for the film that starred The Beatles and includes handwritten instructions for the team of animators that then created the film.

So tell us, how much would you pay for Beatles memorabilia? Or perhaps do you already have some? 



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  1. Nice to have if you can afford it but I can think of better things to spend my money on..I still have the Beatles. noddy dolls..all 4 of them bought at the concert they did in Australia. They are probably worthless but I like them

  2. I’m not much of a one for memorabilia. In fact, I have just started selling off all my DVD collection. Elvis and Bond n Harry Potter n all the ild classics and musicals. I have over 300 DVD’s that I have collected over the last 10 years. Making a few decent dollars out of them as well.

  3. Does a tattered copy of John Lennon’s “In his own write” count?

    Don’t need a Yellow Submarine but if you had a business you could promote with it, it could be quite a prize.

  4. I have a beatles album. introducing the beatles(1962) its is an original not a fake. the nost sought after and the most counterfeited album of all time. also have the white album with the serial number stamped on the cove both VERY rare, they are for sale. contact me for pics.

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