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Dame Helen Mirren has had an amazing week as a role model for over-60s fashion. Now she’s proving beyond a shadow of a doubt: she’s the perfect inspiration for the young at heart.

She looked stunning several days ago at the Ischia Global Festival in her elegant, understated black gown.

A few days later, she proved once and for all that 69 is not too old to wear a swimsuit.

But as we all know, Mirren is a woman of many looks and styles. Yesterday she rounded out her week at the festival with this stunning multicoloured satin dress, adorned with charming hand-drawn children’s artwork of fish, houses, flowers and rainbows.

We’ve always adored Mirren’s playful side, but this may be our favourite wardrobe pick of hers yet!

See the gorgeous photos below, and tell us: does this fashion choice bring out her best? And does it inspire you as much as it does us?

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  1. oh fashion faux pas!
    I love this woman’s elegance and natural beauty but this dress is a disaster! yuk !!!

    1 REPLY
    • Yes I agree Belinda. The dress is a disaster.

      1 REPLY
      • you wait and see, she’ll have started a new trend!

        1 REPLY
        • 23rd July edition of Starts at 60 shows Princess Grtace’s grand-daughter in a dress with childlike drawings on it as a pattern. Looks like it’s the fashion now.

  2. How many articles can you write on one actor? every week is OTT.

  3. Not for everyone, but not everyone is Helen Mirren. As not everyone could carry it off or be brave enough to, but Helen makes it work for her. Besides I think it’s kinda cute too.

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