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We’ve always been more than a bit smitten with Helen Mirren. She’s an incredible role model on how to be confident and glamorous (not to mention witty, honest and playfully self-deprecating) past the age of 60.

Most importantly: she’s never afraid to be adventurous and try new things – particularly when it comes to style.

These dazzling new shots are a radical change from her usual ballgown attire, but only do more to boost our respect for her.

Attending the recent School of Rock premiere on Broadway, Helen committed 100% to the theme of the night, sporting a chic schoolgirl outfit far more in line with Angus Young from AC/DC than the Queen.

What do you think of this fun new look? Does it suit her? Could you imagine wearing this – let alone with such dignity – in your 60s and beyond?

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  1. It is all about acting and having fun, it dosen’t matter what other people think, there has to be some compensations for growing old.

  2. Confidence is what gives her the edge. I’d give it a go. Why do we believe we have to look old and stuffy, or at the least that we need to dress a certain way as we get older

  3. Just because we are “mature in years” doesn’t mean we have to be boring!!!! No way am I ever going to act OLD!!!

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