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We think Helen Mirren is, and always has been, stunning. But accompanying her new ad as spokesperson for L’Oreal, she has had some surprising comments about her beauty. Do you think Helen embodies perfection?

“I am not gorgeous and I never was, but I was always OK-looking and I’m keen to stay that way”.

That’s an earlier quote, but in the new TV ad she’s far more confident about her looks:

It’s taken over 60 years to look this good!

Of course you’d expect a high-profile star in a glossy TV ad to be all positive, but there’s also quite a serious note in there:

You know that moment when you realise what used to work for you just isn’t working anymore…

All of which ties in with something Helen said a little while ago:

A lot of women get stuck at what they did between the ages of 18 and 28 and they never have the courage to change that. My advice is to look at what’s happening now and go with the flow, don’t do what you did when you were 24.

As regards make-up, Mirren thinks that as you get older, you have to wear less and less make-up.

Here’s Helen’s new ad:



What do you think? Is Helen Mirren’s theory on adapting new looks as you get older something you agree with? And just how well is Helen managing her own looks! Let us know in the Comments section.

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  1. As a young, nubile young woman in the movie ‘Age of Consent’ she was stunning. More importantly, she grew into an enormously talented actress! Together with Maggie Smith and Judi Dench, she belongs to my trio of favourite British actresses. Good genes rather than good products are why she is such an attractive woman.

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  2. I agree Sue. Her background is Russian parents or grandparents. Russia produces some very nice looking women who age well. Plus she looks after herself and she’s never had children.

  3. I have always thought she was rather stunning.

  4. Helen’s beauty comes from within.She has wonderful style .Her face and mannerisms fascinate me .

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