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Clearly his mother’s son, Prince Harry has accomplished so much in his 31 years. Yesterday was his birthday and in his calm way, Harry did not cause much of a fuss, though he did mingle with WWII veterans at an event marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Fresh from three months in Africa, Harry was sporting a ginger beard that has women, young and old, swooning today.

We have to say we love the new look and hope he keeps it!

There was a slight hiccup that prevented Harry from flying in a vintage Spitfire fighter, like last year, but it was all forgotten after school children sung him Happy Birthday.

We’ll see Harry again in the next few days at the Rugby World Cup on September 18.

In a very sweet Tweet from the British Monarchy, they wished the young prince a very happy birthday along with a cute pic of a young Harry:

Take a look at the pics of Harry’s beard!

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  1. truley, who cares. just another entitled, spoiled, brat who is irrelevant to Australia in this day and age.

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    • well, if it takes an entitled spoilt brat to get out & make a difference to the lives of those who happen to be born into impoverished communities, then my choice is more of them rather than selfish pompous old gits of your ilk.

    • Jean Anderson Campbell how do you know what I’m like, or are you making the same assumption about me as you are about Harry, wish I was always right like you.

  2. Happy birthday Prince Harry. Not sure if I dig the beard, but he is a lovely chap!

  3. As always the kind hearted young man. I must say I am still young enough to appreciate a hot young hunk. 😉

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    • Me too and I am retired!! I think Harry is a gorgeous young man and the image of his beautiful mother.

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      • More like James Hewitt than his lovely late Mother. William is his Mother’s look-a-like

  4. Fred, we don’t have to have every subject be about Australia do we? I for one, although very Australian minded love Harry. It’s called fun Fred.

  5. Why is he wonderful?

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    • I doubt that he enjoys being in the spotlight all the time and would just love to get on with his life. He has pretty much grown up without a mother, albeit with a privileged lifestyle. I love the compassion he shows towards young under privileged children, his love of wildlife and his support for disabled servicemen.

    • you don’t think maybe that the whole royal game is actually a huge pr stunt ..Willy ( he who supposedly works his **** off ) had been credited as saving a girl singlehanded….in his taxpayer funded helicopter….turns out a sharp witted UK journo was able to check the court diary golly gosh Willy was in Scotland that day ,having a wee holiday ..

    • It just goes to show how the media report utter rubbish then. However, I have seen Harry with under privileged children and no-one could fake the pure joy one sees on his face, or when he is there with disabled servicemen. You can see he genuinely cares; nothing fake about it.

  6. Fred Avey you are the one who sounds like a spoiled brat grow up like the respectful and kind man that our prince Harry has become .

  7. Happy birthday Harry You are a great young man Your family should be very proud of you. Same age as one of my boy . If you guys are the future The world is in good hands.

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